MAM09 - Ehealth


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Sem. 1 Sem. 2

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Medical Informatics


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  1. The power of Ehealth as catalyst for innovating healthcare  (knows)
  2. The barriers of Ehealth implementation (knows)
  3. The relevance of human centered design and technology acceptance evaluation of Ehealth (knows and knows how)
  4. The role of persuasive strategies and techniques to influence people’s attitudes and  behaviors towards Ehealth (knows)
  5. The relevance of business modelling  of Ehealth implementation (knows and knows how)
  6. The development of a human centred design and technology acceptance protocol for a certain Ehealth application (shows how and does)
  7. The development of a business model for certain Ehealth application (shows how and does)
  8. The critical appraisal of scientific articles (shows how and does)
  9. The presentation of business case model and human centred design and technology acceptance protocol  in English  (shows how + does) 
Contact information
mw. Prof.dr. M. Jaspers Department 'Medical Information' AMC, J1B-114-2


This master course focuses on Ehealth as a catalyst for innovating and redesigning healthcare. Lectures and assignment will focus on the use of Ehealth in creating opportunities for the transition of medicine into new models for care and self-management . As such, perspectives from various disciplines are given, from social and  health sciences, human centred design, business modelling and  technology. .

The students will get a number of assignments, either individually or in student groups. These assignments are linked to various themes like Ehealth transforming health care, Ehealth adoption and acceptance, and Ehealth business modelling. In addition, the students will receive literature for self-study and as input to the assignments. Literature and assignments  will be discussed during working group meetings., Each student has to present and discuss assignments in  oral presentations and in reports. The grades  on the assignments and reports this will result in the final grade for the course.

Keywords: Ehealth, Telemedicine, Patient self-management, Patient activation models, Shared decision making, Human Factors, Technology assessment, Ehealth business modelling, Academic skills

Recommended prior knowledge

The level of knowledge of a Medical Informatics bachelor.


In this course various subjects will be presented via lectures, seminars and working groups. Students will receive self-study assignments (critically read the contents of literature and a number of papers and (take home) assignments linked to the Ehealth themes). Furthermore, students will get writing assignments and need to give oral presentations.


Lecture hours can be found in the course schedule at Most assignments need to be completed outside class times.

Study materials

  • van Gemert- Pijnen JEWC, Peters O, Ossebaard HC. Improving Ehealth.
  • Articles and other study materials will be handed out during lectures or will be posted on Blackboard

Min/max participants

The maximum number of participants is 25.


Students have to pass all assignments given by lecturers. For all assignments the grade needs to be 5.5 or higher. Together they will result in the final grade for this course. There will not be any additional exams.