MAM01 - Current issues in medical informatics I

Current issues in Medical Informatics I










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Medical Informatics


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  1. knows how relevant literature databases are searched to obtain scientific evidence;
  2. is able to present a scientific topic in English;
  3. can assess scientific evidence by systematically reviewing its relevance, validity and results for specific situations;
  4. can write a scientific article in English;
  5. is able to assess ethical aspects of science and of medical informatics applications when relevant in a scientific article;
  6. is able to demonstrate relevant techniques used in research themes in AMC;
  7. the student can critically consider the use and development of questionnaires when used in a scientific article;

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mw. dr. K. Jager Department of Medical Informatics AMC, J1B-114-1


This first master course is meant as a synchronization course. Lectures will include the following subjects: conduct of science (including ethics), academic skills, medical informatics subjects and medical informatics research themes of the AMC.

The students will get a number of assignments, either individually or in student groups. These assignments are linked to the research themes of the department of medical informatics in the AMC. In addition, the students will receive a number of articles for study and discussion of their scientific contents, methodology and quality. These will be discussed during group meetings. The students will also search for literature about the quality of the measurement instruments. Furthermore, they will follow a course on critical appraisal of medical informatics papers. Each student will present and discuss the content and scientific quality of a selected paper both in an oral presentation and in a paper Together with the grades on the assignments related to the AMC research themes  this will result in the final grade for the course.

Keywords: Bioinformatics, Information systems, Electronic patient records, Decision support, Human Factors, Evaluation, Academic skills, Public Health and Informatics, Guidelines for medical treatment, Patient safety, Ethics.

Aanbevolen voorkennis

The level of knowledge of a Medical Informatics bachelor.


In this course various subjects will be presented via lectures, seminars and working groups. Students will receive self study assignments (critically read the contents of a number of papers and (take home) assignments linked to Medical Informatics research themes of the AMC). Furthermore, students will get writing assignments and need to give oral presentations.


Lecture hours can be found in the course schedule at Most assignments need to be completed outside class times.


Reader with medical informatics articles. Friedman and Wyatt. Evaluation Methods in Biomedical Informatics: Chapter 9 Subjectivist Approaches to Evaluation Articles will be handed out during lectures or will be posted on Blackboard

Aantal deelnemers

The maximum number of participants is 25.


Students have to pass all assignments given by lecturers. For all assignments the grade needs to be 5.5 or higher. Together they will result in the final grade for this course. There will not be any additional exams.