The Internships are intended to be a preparation for the scientific research project scheduled at the end of the 2nd year of the master in Medical Informatics. The experience of taking part in
biomedical research projects lays a foundation for the master research project and thesis.

During the short internships the master student will gain insight in various aspects of scientific
research. He/she may encounter different phases of the scientific process, 
i) creation of a valid scientific hypothesis, 
ii) writing a research proposal, 
iii) setting up and performing experiments and gaining results and 
iv) writing a scientific paper. 

The student is confronted with a relatively new subject and will gain experience in communicating with professionals about their current research and obtain knowledge about the research subject through a survey of relevant documents. The mastery of these activities is very important for medical informatics professionals and an essential preparation for the master research project and thesis.
In the course of the internships the student may take part in different biomedical research lines. For
instance a project concerning the organization of care processes or a more basic project aimed at the elucidation of (molecular) processes involved in the aetiology of diseases.