MAM07 - Health Care Logistics and Information systems

Health Care Logistics & Information systems

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Medical Informatics


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The healthcare sector faces several challenges. Quality of care and patient-centeredness are becoming more and more important, while on the other hand budgets are cut and labor shortages arise. Hence hospitals have to guarantee a similar or even improved quality of care, while using less budget and resources. Industry has been doing this successfully for decades now, by applying logistical concepts. Some years ago logistical concepts were introduced in the healthcare sector, forming the field of healthcare logistics. This expanding field provides healthcare organizations with insights and tools that help them to respond to the challenges posed.

Upon successfully completing this course:

  • students  are able to describe the field of healthcare logistics, and explain its value
  • students are able to apply principals from healthcare logistics to cases in hospitals
  • students are able to describe mathematical methods often used in healthcare logistics,  apply these methods to cases in hospitals, and make recommendations based on the outcomes

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J. Beldman Department of Quality and Process InnovationAMC, A3-503 020 - 56 68 142
A. Braaksma Department of Quality and Process Innovation AMC, A3-503 020 - 56 63 298


  • General introduction to healthcare logistics
  • Mathematical models often used in healthcare logistics (e.g. linear programming, simulation, queueing theory)
  • Applying above mathematical methods in the healthcare sector

Recommended prior knowledge

Basic knowledge of hospital processes Basic knowledge of mathematics Proficiency in computer programming


The course will have a weekly routine with lectures generally on Mondays and Fridays. Students will gain practical experience with the topics taught through weekly assignments. These will be distributed after the lecture on Monday, and have to be handed in before the lecture on Friday. The course consists of three such weeks, and a written exam in week four.


Class times can be found in the course schedule at

Study materials

Study material will be available on Blackboard and through lecture handouts.


Assignments: 15% per assignment (in total three assignments) Written exam: 55%

Students can only take part in the written exam if all three assignments have been handed in.